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Eva Hebebrand     lionsdavidandeva@att.net

Eva was born and raised in Bakersfield CA.  Eva attended school through high school and graduated from Bakersfield College.  After attending the first year, she went to work full time and continued her education at night.   

She attended California State Bakersfield where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  After college she worked for Tenneco Development Company as the Cost Accountant for the southwest development of Bakersfield.  In 1990 Eva, David and their son Duane, moved to Porterville when David bought the CPA firm.   

They worked together for 14 years while raising their now grown sons, Duane and Cory.  Eva taught as adjunct faculty at Porterville College and College of the Sequoias for 9 years. She served on the Board of Trustees, Burton School District for five years and a year as its president.  While serving on the board, Eva enrolled in University of California, Fresno School of Education and completed the entire course for a school district Chief Business Officer.   

 In 2002, the family moved to Tehachapi for Eva’s health.  David began a second CPA practice in Tehachapi.  Eva began working for a software company in Bakersfield and began her MBA program.  In August 2003 she and David were all set to join the Tehachapi Lions Club when the family was in a devastating car accident.   

Eva does not like to be stopped by any challenge.  She and David joined as scheduled from her bed over PGD Pam’s cell phone.  She was back to work 5 months after her accident and completed her MBA program with her cohort.   

Eva is now a University Administrator at California State University, Bakersfield, Manager of Student Financial Services.  She will use the same spirit as governor for 4-L1 as she has for all her endeavors.