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Messages from District Governor Josephine Louie

Children's Hospital Project
  Children's Hospital Project  

Fellow District Lions,  

There is a fascinating article about how Lions and technology have managed to save and restore sight. I encourage you to please take a few minutes to click on this link http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=170977# {"page":4,"issue_id":170977} It will take you to the Sept 2013 issue of Lions Magazine and insert Page 28 in the top box. The article goes up to page 34.  

I would like all of the District 4-L1 Lions to enjoy reading about this wonderful (ROP) project. When you read it, you will see why this is a district endorsed project for the year of 2013-14. Please, consider adding it to your club projects and work with your club Lions as team project. To the best of my knowledge, according to Valley Region Chair Stephen Joe, I am happy to learn that Dr. Thomas Lee has agreed to once again speak at the Valley Meeting in January about his work at the Children’s Hospital 

DG Josephine Louie 
One Mind- One Spirit in Service 

One Mind, One Spirit in Service

July 27,2013 

Dear Fellow Lions and Friends, 


As I take the helm as the 2013-2014 District Governor of District 4-L1, I think about the many ways that we can create a better world though our SERVICE. We as Lions have the same dreams, hopes, aspirations, and even the same challenges. I believe that if we truly understand and feel that the needs of others are the same as our own, we begin to understand how important our service is. 

Many challenges lie ahead of us, but these challenges will not stop us from making our "DREAM" come true. It is a measurement of our success in everything we plan to do. I am taking on the responsibility of a district governor with a renewed sense of optimism toward positive trends. I believe that through teamwork, respect, enthusiasm and dedication, we will "Follow the Dream" uphold the Lions motto "We Serve". 

This special occasion is. distinguished by the fact that every member in district 4-L1 has worked to bring together on this day; a desire to serve those in need by accomplishing the humanitarian goals of our organization. 

Together, we will make a commitment to accept the new social challenges in the community; live in the present; focus on the future; and in the process, foster enthusiasm and energy. 

Let us come together to make things happen and work as a team to realize our "DREAM" of a bright and successful future. 

I wish to thank all the cabinet officers, members, sponsors, supporters for their participation, time and effort to make this an “AFFAIR TO REMEMBER". 

In Lionism, 

District Governor Josephine Louie  

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