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 ​2018 Metro Cabinet Meeting

Well, here’s the tentative agenda.  Please pass to all Clubs Zone Chairs!!!!  Call to confirm. 

I did make one major mistake on the days of the week for the meeting, which confused some, and rightly so.   This is corrected.  Saturday Jan 20, and Sunday Jan 21 

I shall do the Invocation – PDG Pam cannot attend. 

Lion Gilbert Mares will give the LSH Foundation Report, if there is one to give 

Added the Peace Poster Contest Winners/Announcements, and shall hand out Award Checks:  $100, $50, $25 

Anyone catches anything else, let me know!!!

DG Steven

Greetings to all Cabinet Members and Fellow Lions of District 4-L1,

We have a new reservation form for our upcoming Metro Cabinet Meeting, January 21st, at the Almansor Court.  The change is due to our change in Cabinet Treasurer for the remainder of the year.  Ric Williams has asked to be relieved of the position, and PDG David Hebebrand has agreed to step in for the remainder of the year.  This is the only change, the location to send in your reservation form and the $55 per person charge. 

Remember All – to attend the Metro Cabinet Meeting January 21st you MUST send in the $55 per person fee.  This is to pay for the Champaign Brunch that we shall enjoy that day during the meeting, and the Almansor Court is “counting heads” to come up with the final billing.  We can’t have Lions/Guests attend without payment.  If you wish to pay at the door, please call me.  Yes, it’s that important – we will not allow persons to “walk through the doors” of the meeting without payment.

For those who wish to attend the First Nighter's:

This is open to everyone, no charge.  The Metro Region Clubs have been asked to provide the food, and the District Bar shall be open as well.  The location of the First Nighter’s is:  The Lincoln Plaza Hotel – the address is on the top of the reservation form, and the rooms are $89 for a single occupancy or $96 for a double occupancy room, the parking at the hotel is free.  The hotel is approximately 2 miles from the Almansor Court facilities.

For the Cabinet Members:  The Cabinet Meeting is to be held on Saturday, January 20th, from 4:00 – 6:00pm, at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel.   This is just prior to the opening of the hospitality for the First Nighter’s at the same location.

I have reserved Rooms 730 (suite) and 729 (next door) for overflow for Hospitality.

It is very, very important to not delay in sending in your reservation forms to CT David !!!!   Please do so now.

All Zone Chairs:  Please forward this to all Club Presidents, and follow up with a phone call to press them to get this to all Club Membership!!!

Region Chairs:  Please follow up with your Zone Chairs.

Let’s have a great turnout for the Metro Cabinet Meeting!!!!

We do not have an exact agenda as of yet as some items are still not set.  The plan is to start the Sunday, January 21st Cabinet Meeting at 8:30 am, we shall break for brunch, then continue the remainder of the Meeting, scheduled to end at 2:30 pm.

We hope to have entertainment, our scheduled speakers are from the City of Hope, we shall have a small silent auction (all proceeds shall go to the City of Hope) and a possible 1 or 2 live auction items (not confirmed).

There will be brief Reports from the Region Chairs on upcoming activities within the District (Region Chairs, please be prepared and brief!)

We shall discuss training needs – these needs shall come from you, the District Membership.

We will have a District Finances Report (this will be difficult, but we will have something to present)

And More!!!!! 

If you’ve been “counting”………………………………………  if you do not reserve a hotel room the total cost of this Metro Meeting (minus your participation in the auctions!!!) is $55 per person.  It has been asked to have a low cost meeting, this is it!!!  Please attend! 

DG Steven

Here is the Metro Cabinet Meeting information and reservation form.  PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM AND MAIL IT IN EARLY!!!!!!!

Unlike the past, we really do need a good headcount for the brunch, by that I mean a very accurate count. 

One very important note:   To attend the Metro Cabinet Meeting at the Almansor Court facility on Sunday, January 21st, you MUST send in the $55 per person cost.  Every “head” in the room shall be counted, and we will need to write a check for each head!!!

DG Steven










Desert Region will be either in Ridgecrest or Tehachapi










.2018 District Convention will be held May 3-6, 2018 in Laughlin, Nevada.






Official District Governor Visitation Schedule 2017-2018 

Here is the schedule

Click the link for  
Official District Governor Visitation Schedule 2017-2018



Lions Youth Exchange Program 

The Lions Youth Exchange Program is one of Lions’ International's biggest peace programs. In order to make our goal a reality, we must find students to go on this program. We also need host families who are willing to take these students during the summer for a two week period. Without your help in promoting this program, our dream may never occur. The program is open to anyone between the ages of 15 ½ to 21 years old. It is a natural progression for all students participating in our student speaker contests and our Leos to go onto the Lions ’Youth Exchange program. The more Lions programs we can keep our children involved in, the greater our chances of them becoming Lions themselves. 

As for our Peace Poster contestants, although they are a little young for this program now, all Peace Poster committee people should relate the Youth Exchange Program to them. This is so they can “save their pennies and get excited about participating in this program. 

Please download and make as many copies as possible of the attached Youth Exchange Flyer to give out to all students you meet. 
Please also go onto our website at MD4Lions.orgclick on "Web Links for Lions", scroll down, and click on “Youth Exchange Foundation” for a better understanding of this program. 

Thank you Lion Eileen 
Youth Exchange Committee



Student Speakers Contest 2018 Topic and Dates

Hello everyone,

Please forward this information to your club student speakers chair.  I am looking forward to another great year in our district's participation in the student speakers contest.  As I promised at our Valley Region meeting, you will hear from me frequently about the student speakers contest. :) I am here to help you to get started, to find students, or to find judges.  

It is time for you to pick a date for your club contest!  Region and Zone Chairs, it is also time for you to pick a date for your region/zone contests!  Please see below for the contest deadline dates​​, and for information about the District, Area, and Multiple District contests.  

Please send me your dates and I will compile a list for our district.  

This year's topic: Integrity and Civility Play What Role in Today’s Society?

On or before Monday, February 26, 2018                                Club Contest
On or before Monday, March 19, 2018                                    Zone Contest 
On or before Monday, April 9 2018                                         Region Contest
Saturday, April 14, 2018                                                    District Contest (location TBD)
On or before Monday, May 21, 2018                                       Area Contest 
June 9, 2018                                                                      MD-4 Final Contest (Wyndham Hotel, Visalia, CA)

Here is a most up to date student speakers contest dates flyer.

 Very truly yours, 

Ginny T. Hsiao



View our online version or mobile version here.

Lions Clubs International Foundation 

Dear Lions,

This year, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) celebrates 50 years of unwavering support of Lions' compassionate works. With this anniversary comes a renewed commitment from the Foundation to meet the changing needs of our world. To help us do just that, we created the Club LCIF Coordinator position for every Lions club. 

If your club is one of the more than one-third of clubs globally that have already appointed this position for 2017-2018, we thank you for your support of this important initiative. That person will retain their position.

For clubs that have not yet appointed someone to this position, the Lions Clubs International Board of Directors recently approved a policy change. Beginning in the current fiscal year, and moving forward, a club's Immediate Past President shall serve as Club LCIF Coordinator. If that person is unable to accept the role, it can be delegated to another club member. 

Next week, we will also be contacting all Immediate Past Club Presidents to notify them of this policy change.  As of January 1, 2018, the Immediate Past Club President will be designated as the Club LCIF Coordinator in MyLCI for the current term, which ends on June 30, 2018. 

Club LCIF Coordinators receive regular email communication from LCIF, including clear instructions on specific tasks as well as links to the resources needed to complete these tasks. The Club LCIF Coordinator is an ambassador for LCIF at the club level, and serves a one-year term. During that term, the Club LCIF Coordinator speaks to fellow Lions about how LCIF supports their service and how they can, in turn, support LCIF. Club LCIF Coordinators may give presentations, show videos or even host fundraisers throughout the year. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to LCIF's Development department with any questions you might have regarding the Club LCIF Coordinator role or the appointment of immediate past club presidents to serve in it. 


LCIF Development

Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  LinkedIn  Instagram  MyLion App
Lions Clubs International & LCIF | 300 W. 22nd St. | Oak Brook, IL | 60523 | USA 




If, at dissolution, any of the remaining funds are going to a charitable non-profit 501©(4) organization (such as LCIF, LPCCI, Lions in Sight etc.) then the club is required to file a Form RRF-1 (http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/charities/charitable/rrf1_form.pdf)with the Registry of Charitable Trusts, a division of the Attorney General’s office. If the club hasn’t registered yet, they would need to file a form CT-1(http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/charities/charitable/ct1-form.pdf). 

 This is an annual filing with the Registry of Charitable Trusts and the RRF-1 would be filed along with a copy of the club’s Form 990. For some clubs who do not file the 990 or 990-EZ because their total receipts are less than $50,000, they would simply file the RRF-1 alone with no attachments. There is also a fee to go with this based on the gross receipts of the club though it is not significant and it is based on the level of gross receipts that are reported on the Form 990.